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Past Tournament Champions

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Club Champions

2018 Sue Sheffy Sheldon Johnson Wayne Courtright No tournament   Kurtis Easton
2017 Sue Sheffy BenHowe No tournament John Heffner   Austin Outman
2016 Sue Held Ben Howe Chris Hoaglin John Heffner Pam Salek Austin Outman
2015 Amy Gallant Larry Moon No tournament Roger Marsiglio Pon McKenzie Tanner Adriance
2014 Amy Gallant Mike Gramlich No tournament Mike Schwarz   Nick Cevette
2013 No tournament Larry Moon No tournament John Heffner   Zach Bower
2012 No tournament Mark Young No tournament Bill Young   Nick Cevette
2011 Ann Koenig Dan Newberry Jr. Doug Bronson Sr. John Heffner   No tournament
2010 Jami Smith Mark Young Terry Smith John Heffner   No tournament
2009 Sue Held Mark Young John Heffner Dave Kolar   Dakota Ruef
2008 Sue Held Larry Moon John Heffner Dick Berry   Gavin Howe
2007 Jami Smith Larry Moon John Heffner Dick Berry   No tournament
2006 Sue Held TJ Howe John Heffner Dick Berry
2005 Michelle Plank Ryan Vargeson Dick Berry  
2004 Michelle Plank Sheldon Johnson Luke Elvin  
2003 Michelle Plank Butch Silknetter Luke Elvin  
2002 Michelle Plank Sheldon Johnson Weldon Bailey  
2001 Michelle Plank Dick Berry Luke Elvin  
2000 Michelle Plank Dan Newberry Jr. Weldon Bailey  
1999 Michelle Plank Larry Moon Weldon Bailey  
1998 Michelle McLaughlin Jeff Rieppel    
1997 Denice Fitzwater Larry Moon       Will Davenport
1996 Denice Fitzwater Jeff Rieppel       Nick Marsiglio
1995 Denice Fitzwater Larry Moon       No Tournament
1994 No tournament Mark Howe    
1993 No tournament Steve Macensky    
1992 No tournament Mark Howe    
1991 No tournament Sheldon Johnson    
1990 No tournament Larry Moon    
1989 Audrey Bailey Larry Moon    
1988 Audrey Bailey Sheldon Johnson    
1987 Audrey Bailey Mark Howe    
1986 Audrey Bailey Mark Howe    
1985 Audrey Bailey Mark Howe    
1984 Audrey Bailey Mark Howe    
1983 Wanda Rodman Neil Roberts    
1982 Wanda Rodman Mark Howe    
1981 Audrey Bailey Weldon Bailey    
1980 Audrey Bailey Dave Murdock    
1979 Wanda Rodman Weldon Bailey    
1978 No tournament Mitch Samuels    
1977 No tournament Dave Murdock    
1976 Lorena Wyatt Bob Bailey    
1975 Sharon Volante Bob Bailey    
1974 Edith Cole Lou Lumazza    
1973 Edith Cole Bob Bailey    
1972 Laura Mae Davis Rick Lines    
1971 Laura Mae Davis Rick Lines    
1970 Rae Allen Fran Wilson    
1969 Virginia Losey Lou Lumazza    
1968 Rae Allen A Johnson       Rick Lines
1967 Edith Cole Don Laughner       No Tournament
1966 Edith Cole Pete Shay    

Member - Member / Member - Guest

2018 No tournament Ed Stuart - Jack Sunderlin Pete Peters - TJ Page
2017 Maureen Bartoo - Sue Sheffy Jerry Abbott - Mike Gramlich Pete Peters - Josh Holling
2016 Diane Heffner - Sue Held Bob Bartoo - Chris Hoaglin Pete Peters - Josh Holling
2015 Diane Heffner - Sue Held Sheldon Johnson - Roy Dent Larry Moon - Brian Golkeiwicz
2014 Diane Heffner - Sue Held Larry Moon - Pete Peters Pete Peters - Alex Fitzpatrick and John Heffner/Brian Woodworth
2013 Sue Sheffy - Cindy Card Jerry Abbott - Mike Gramlich Austin Beiler - Matt Burkhart
2012 Sue Sheffy - Cindy Card Larry Moon - Sheldon Johnson Carlos Plumley Sr. - Carlos Plumley Jr.
2011 Diane Heffner - Sue Held George Davenport - John Heffner Doug Bronson Sr - Doug Bronson Jr
2010 Jami Smith - Shelva Clark Bruce Stahli - Aaron Vargeson Dan Newberry Jr - Tony Creaton
2009 Diane Heffner - Sue Sheffy Wayne Courtright - Brett Hamblin Larry Moon - Paul Simonson
2008 Diane Heffner - Jami Smith Larry Moon - Kris Reimann Larry Moon - Paul Simonson
2007 Sue Held - Barbara Elvin Kent Slocum - Fred Cost Larry Moon - Paul Simonson
2006   Brian Baker - Gary Stahli TJ Howe - Andy Whalen
2005   Todd Outman - Sheldon Johnson Mitch Samuels - Bobby Solometo
2004   Larry Moon - Kris Reimann Todd Outman - Mike Schall
2003   Larry Moon - Kris Reimann Mike Gramlich - Chuck Marvin
2002     Larry Moon - Jamie Krebs
2001     Mark Howe - Patrick Prough
2000     Kris Reimann - Fred Kennedy
1999   Larry Moon - Kris Reimann Larry Moon - Jamie Krebs


Other Past Champs
Rodney Vargeson - Tadd Neal
Rodney Vargeson - Bobby Potter
Bob Moon Jr - Fred McCaslin
Dan Newberry Sr - Bob Bartoo

Other Past Champs
Roy Vargeson - Jerry Seamans
Mike Schwarz - Myles Mathieu
Mike Ackley - Preston Prough
Larry Moon - Mike Elder
Mark Howe - Chuck Snyder
Dave Murdock - Bob Basel
Don Finch - BradFinch

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